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It's been an emotional year for the stars of Lifetime's Little Women: Atlanta. From Ms. Minnie's tragic death, to the COVID pandemic, cameras were there to capture it all.

The stars of Atlanta are fighting each other, fighting back tears, and fighting for equality in Little Women: Atlanta.

The sixth season kicked off with typical cat fights and disagreements, but everything changed once the pandemic hit and the ladies tragically lost their co-star, Ms. Minnie, in a car accident.

"It's a lot of mixed emotions throughout the whole season. Sometimes we laugh, and we have great times, and then we had sad moments, so you guys are going into our lives even deeper than before. We dealt with the loss of our sister, and [you're] still in a pandemic," Ms. Juicy said.

The women also hit the streets in the middle of the pandemic to protest the death of George Floyd as part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

"Even though it's called a black lives movement... that affects everybody, so forget all of the pettiness. Let's stick together. If this is a sisterhood, we need to stick together," Juicy said.

Loni Love Turns Up The Heat! 🔥

As if the drama of a new season wasn't enough, Loni Love will be putting the stars in the hot seat on her after show, Little Women: Atlanta Unfiltered.

The comedian acts as the host and executive producer of the talk show, where the ladies bare all in real time.

"I'm that superfan! I'm going to ask the questions... hat's what 'Unfiltered' is about! We go a little bit deeper. This is not for the ladies... it's for the fans to get a little more into it and try to understand what's happening with these women," Love said.

You can catch new episodes of Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Atlanta Unfiltered Friday nights on Lifetime!

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