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Attention Locke & Key fans! The second season is finally here.

It's been a year and a half since audiences fell in love with Locke & Key. The Netflix original series was released in February of 2020 and has since garnered a cult following.

Two fan favorites from last season were Gabe and Eden, who are played by Griffin Gluck and Hallea Jones, respectively.

Gluck, Jones, and the rest of the cast opened up on the highly anticipated sophomore season.

"Playing around with, you know, being a little bit more evil when I'm here and being a bit more nice when I'm here, was a lot of fun. I just had a great time with it. We got to get on set every morning and just have fun," Gluck said.

After being warned by Gluck not to spoil the many twists and turns from the new season, Jones teased the thrills in store.

"We just get into so much mischief. We get up into a lot of crazy things this season. We're really excited for people to see all of it," Jones said.

But these two aren't the only ones who are excited to get back to business. Darby Stanchfield also revealed her character's motives in the new season

"Season two continues to be a mystery for Nina, and Nina can't see any magic. The kids they delve more into the powers of the magic and they understand it more and they get more involved. It's just amazing the scope of the fandom of Locke & Key and, of course, we're thrilled and grateful that people are watching this show," Stanchfield said.

Fans may also be wondering what the future holds for Nina's son, Tyler, played by Connor Jessup.

"Things are going well. You know? Especially after a tough year for this family, they finally seem to be going well. And that's where we find Tyler. It's not a huge spoiler, I think, to say that that doesn't sustain over the course of ten episodes," Jessup said.

Locke & Key's EP, Meredith Averill, also opened up on the past 18 months following the success of season one.

"We had our season two writer's room going when everything kind of shut down. We were fortunate to be able to kind of roll right into a season three writer's room and season three production. So, we've really been going nonstop. We've been feeling the fan love the whole time. It's kind of amazing that we're finally, after 18 months, going to be able to deliver on season two," Averill said.

Locke & Key is streaming now on Netflix.

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