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The trickster God has finally been established as genderfluid and bisexual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) canon.

The news came as a shock to some but was expected by many as the original comics have portrayed Loki as a genderfluid being. Marvel has received some backlash in the past over the lack of LGBTQ+ representation because there are a plethora of heroes in the comics that represent this community yet the MCU has failed to establish any of these characters or the sexualities of those included.

Exec and Director of Loki Confirms Bisexuality

Loki is the most beloved anti-hero and one of the most beloved characters in the MCU at large. Marvel is taking a huge step forward in representation by having the character come out in the series and it is very exciting for fans.

In the comics, Loki was portrayed as genderfluid as he constantly shape-shifts into other species and oftentimes women. Some have criticized the portrayal of genderfluidity by saying that Loki uses this more as a tool rather than operating from pure feeling and enjoyment. Yet the genderfluidity of the character is mostly undeniable considering how often he shape-shifts and how he does this even when it is not for some specific goal or trick.

Bisexuality of the character is much less shown in the comics and the MCU depicting Loki as bisexual is very interesting for many reasons. Loki is the father to many children in the Marvel comics, one being a giant wolf named Fenrir and another being a giant snake named Jordmungand.

Loki is very open with his sexuality as he has a couple animals as children, but we never necessarily knew the case with people. It will be interesting to see how exactly Loki's bisexuality comes into play in the MCU and if the universe will include Fenrir and Jordmungand or will it stick more to the classic bisexual framework among humans.

LGBTQ+ in Marvel

One popular character that Marvel has not expanded on is Valkyrie. In the comics, she is a powerful and outwardly bisexual character and Marvel has hinted that we will be seeing more on this in the next Thor film: Thor: Love and Thunder.

Another character that will provide some proper LGBTQ+ representation is Phastos in the new Eternals film. This character is openly gay with a husband and family in the comics so hopefully Marvel does not limit his story.

There is a lot to look forward to representation-wise in the MCU. Loki seems to be the first major hero that Marvel has made this step with and the future is looking much better than it has in the past.

Representation with our superheroes! We love to see it.

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