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Reality dating has gone to the next level in Love Off the Grid.

The producers of 90 Day Fiancé are putting couples in search of love in the wild!

Jen Taylor, one of the cast members, opened up to us about her experience in the wild life.

"It was kind of a twofold. I was scared to go physically and then also scared to put that pressure so to speak on our relationship," Taylor said.

Jen abandoned that precious city lifestyle for her ex-boyfriend Charlie Moore to get a second chance at love. Charlie, living in a remote cabin surrounded by mountains, opened up on his journey.

"I entertain a lot of people in reference to going hunting and trapping... so I've kind of had that background, but for Jen, she has a lot of fun with it and she's willing to take on a challenge so it really made it quite easy for me," Moore said.

The audience was able to perceive what the couple is going through in the series and they had some valuable lessons they learned along the way,

"You really get in touch with yourself when things are quiet and there's this sense of peace to find yourself," Moore said.

"I noticed how much of a distraction we have in our modern world. It really distracts from the present, so that was a big gift to me that I didn't even think of going into it," Taylor said.

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