Lucy Hale Talks New Films & Success After 'Pretty Little Liars' | Celebrity Page

Lucy Hale is going to the extreme in the new thriller Borrego.

The star, most known for her role as Aria Montgomery in the hit show Pretty Little Liars has made an impressive jump from television to the big screen.

"I knew that that show changed my life. I knew that that was my big break. I also knew that after 'PLL' ended that I was going to have to fight to break myself out of that mold and I was going have to be like... no I actually can do other things," Hale said

Hale is doing just that! The actress has starred in three new movies back to back. Currently, Hale stars in Borrego following the The Hating Game's release last month.

In Borrego, Hale plays a young botanist who gets kidnapped after witnessing a drug mule's plane crash in the Borrego Desert.

"Because she witnesses things she shouldn't have witnessed, it becomes a story of survival. What I love so much about the movie is that... at the heart of it, it's about people and what we all have in common. People who come from different parts of life. It's sort of this two-hander where these people, who couldn't be more opposite, find out they have so much in common. I just thought it was really beautiful," Hale said.

If you can’t get enough Lucy, the actress is also starring alongside Andy Garcia and Megan Fox in Big Gold Brick, due out next month.

"'Big Gold Brick' is truly unlike any movie I've ever seen, let alone been a part of and by that I mean... it bends all genres. It's about Andy Garcia's character and about a biography being written about him, so I play Andy Garcia's daughter. It truly was so much fun to be a part of. It's truly a wacky movie... like I said, it's unlike I've ever seen before."

We can’t wait! Until then, we'll be watching Borrego now in theaters and on demand.

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