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Luenell's schedule is so booked.. she hopped on Zoom all from the salon!

What can't Luenell do?

While prepping for her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Luenell Zoomed in from her favorite nail salon to chat about her success!

"You know when I started doing stand up comedy, there was no outlet for black comedians on television or anything like that, and there certainly was no money. And then I moved to Los Angeles, and this and that and the other and now I've been in the game, I looked up and it's been 30 years, and I'm just doing me. Just sitting over here in the hood getting my nails done."

Along with her incredibly successful career, Luenell is now serving as an inspiration for aspiring comedians.

"Ro be patted on the back by people coming up, people I used to follow around... I used to follow Paul Mooney around. I used to follow Laura Hayes around. I used to worship Joan Rivers. I used to listen to George Collins, Richard Pryor and all that and to be in maybe that category... It means everything to me."

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