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Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan are bringing their A-game in Sin City!

Resorts World Las Vegas is featuring the best entertainment since Las Vegas fully reopened in 2021.

Underwood, Perry and Bryan have created their own unique residencies at The Theatre inside the resort, which the shows already gaining global attention from critics and fans.

"It is very exciting being the first person to play in this theatre. We're just excited to get to break in. I love it because it doesn't feel like anybody's too far away. It really doesn't feel like anybody in this entire place would have a bad seat," Underwood said.

The theatre happens to have the largest and tallest stage in Las Vegas, with the farthest seat only being 150 feet from the stage.

"We know where our audience is. People are here to have fun. People are here to let loose," Perry said.

Bryan is up next with his own residency kicking off on February 11th, with the country star teasing his residency at the CMA Awards last year.

"We're excited about Vegas. I grew up listening to Elvis' Vegas album and I always said I'd like to stand up there like Elvis," Bryan said.

With Michael Bublé and Céline Dion next up, Resorts World certainly is the hottest ticket in Las Vegas.

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