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We sat down with Grammy award-winning singer Macy Gray to talk about her transition into acting from music and her new movie Phobias.

Phobias is a thriller film that centers around five dangerous patients with severe phobias who are put to fear tests. Macy Gray's character is a high-powered architect with a fear of imperfection.

We asked the star what her first impressions were of such a unique movie premise:

"I thought that was interesting because, you know, everybody has that little thing that they're afraid of and this was kind of an interesting take because it's like five individual stories, but their phobias all took them to the same place ultimately, so. It's a wild movie, you gotta see it."

While the movie is classified in the "thriller" and "horror" genres, Macy shared that Phobias shouldn't be considered a "horror" movie:

"It's not that scary, but it's a thriller. Like it keeps you going."

We then asked the star a little bit about her transition from doing music full-time and making great strides in the music industry to acting:

"It's a whole different art. It's um, completely- there's no comparison, well for me. Because, you know, there's a lot of preparation for movies, there's a lot of study, whereas making music for me, I can do it in my sleep, it's on auto pilot."

You can watch Macy in Phobias available now on demand!

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