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Magic Mike is returning with its third installment and everybody's dream man, Channing Tatum, will be doing his last dance on stage. Until then, fans can look to HBO Max, where an unscripted competition show based off of the series is now available.

Finding Magic Mike is the latest reality competition series to hit the streaming platform, which according to HBO Max itself, is "an exhilarating and sexy series that will transform a group of men into real-life Magic Mikes". Both Channing Tatum and the director of the Magic Mike trilogy himself, Steven Soderbergh, teamed up to help the group of ten men find their magic again.

The competition revolves around a series of challenges aimed at helping the contestants gain their confidence back. Although each contestant truly wins by finding their self-esteem, the winner of the series is awarded a cash prize as well as the chance to perform on the Magic Mike live stage in Las Vegas.

Our correspondent, Rachel Smith, recently had the opportunity to speak to one of the actors from Magic Mike, Adam Rodriguez, who is also part of the mission to help the ten contestant find their magic again.

Smith first spoke with Rodriguez about the massive success the Magic Mike movies have seen and how its message has translated to audiences.

"I mean, I think it's incredible. The movies really set a tone for something, they said something, they were about something that was beyond just the sex appeal of it all. It's deeper than you think. Wait until you see the show that we're making, we're promoting right now, because people are going to be surprised how deep it is. That's really what we were getting at with the brand and why we knew making this show had so much potential," Rodriguez said.

Smith also had the opportunity to talk with Alison Faulk, who was the head choreographer for the Magic Mike films.

"Obviously we feel so strongly about 'Magic Mike,' the brand, and all the things it stands for. We're excited to share it to a wider audience and also share it with men that maybe wouldn't necessarily be associated with that, like at first glance," Faulk said.

Two contestants from the show also shared their experiences competing on the series and how it helped transform their confidence.

"It was a big hurdle for me to climb, or jump over, but I'm glad I did it," Nate Bryan said.
"It's an honor to be a part of a franchise that's associated with Channing Tatum. He's like Hollywood royalty, so it's cool," Johnny Dutch said.

Finding Magic Mike is now available on HBO Max.

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