The Stars Of 'Magnum P.I.' Tease Season Three's Action-Packed Finale | Celebrity Page
The hit CBS series, based on the 80's show starring Tom Selleck, has officially been picked up for a fourth season!

The stars are spilling on Magnum P.I.'s season three finale!

Zachary Knighton, who took up the mustachioed mantle, opened up on stepping into those massive shoes.

"Because it was a reboot of the original, I know there's a lot of hesitancy for people to embrace the show, and I think when people gave us a chance, they realized we were doing our own thing, and we really do have something special going on. We found our audience, thank God, and people love it, it's just been a thrill," Knighton said.

Stephen Hill, who plays TC on the show, also weighed in on the difficulties the show has faced to breakout into its own entity.

"I remember when we first started... people were like,
'I don't know about this remake, there's only one Magnum.'
But then after about maybe the third episode, people started saying,
'You know, I actually like this show a whole lot more than I thought I would.'
Now, they love it," Hill said.

To get a sneak peek of the season finale, watch the segment above. You can catch the finale episode May 7th on CBS.

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