March Madness has been absolute, well, madness this last week. We're barely getting started and a 15 seed, Oral Roberts, is in the Sweet Sixteen, Loyola Chicago knocked off one seed Illinois, and Syracuse upset everyone. Let's check in on our favorite celebrities' brackets, and see how they're holding up.

Matt James: Busted 

But, not that busted. The Bachelor star's bracket, just like the rest of the country, didn't hold up against Oral Roberts, but we can still retain three out of his four final four picks, with Texas being the only one of his picks bowing out so far.

Shaq: Holding Up

No bracket is going to be perfect, there are none left that are anymore, but despite picking LSU to go the distance, Shaq's bracket is going surprisingly well. Picking Illinois to go to the championship game doesn't look great in hindsight, but that LSU/Gonzaga/Villanova combo could work out.

Sean Evans: Poor Guy

The host of internet sensation Hot Ones filled out a bracket and um, well, let's just have him tell you how it's going:

There's always next year, Sean.

Jimmy Fallon: Not the Worst?

It's not looking great for Jimmy, with half his final four eliminated, but that Syracuse pick could pay dividends.

Go Orange!

Dwyane Wade: Oof

D-Wade's final four is half busted already, and if Shaq is to be believed, Michigan isn't even making it past LSU.

Candace Parker: Not Bad

The WNBA superstar's unorthodox final four of Bama, Illinois, Gonzaga, and Baylor could still work out! Except for that Illinois part.

Megan Rapinoe called Parker out on picking Syracuse in the first round, and Parker replied to the good natured barb well.

Kenny Smith: Nope

The Jet may make NBA analysis look easy on TNT, but picking 8-seed UNC to make it to the title game does not look promising. Hindsight's 20/20 though.

Charles Barkley: Shockingly Good

NCAA March Madness on Twitter

One can understand the readiness to make fun of Chuck's picks, and yet, here he sits, the only intact Final Four in the entire group.

The man who said Michael Carter-Williams would be a perennial All-Star (spoiler alert: he isn't), has a perfect Final Four.

Hats off to you, Mr. Barkley.

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