Lifetime's highest-rated franchise is back for another season...

Married at First Sight is kicking off its 12th season next week, and according to the new preview, it looks like it's bringing us all the drama we love!

Ten strangers are headed down the aisle yet again, and Lifetime's newest preview gave us a sneak peek at one of the couple's big day.

In the trailer, the groom shared:

"I would definitely say this is outside of my comfort zone, but there's that 'what if' question. What if this is the way that I was supposed to find the person that was meant for me?"

The preview shows the couple beginning their ceremony with blindfolds. The blindfolds are then removed once they're holding hands at the altar. The groom said:

"The reason that i decided to do this is because i wanted to include a quick layer of intimacy, that physical connection to it, to start off our relationship."

The bride shared her own feelings about the event, confessing that blindfolds were causing her to panic. She said:

"I like things a specific way, and I'm not one to usually give up control."

And went on to say:

"The scariest thing is just the fact that I don't know him. I'm terrified to the idea of the blindfold adding fuel to the fire of an already stressful situation."

It looks like we're in for quite the season. You can watch the season 12 premiere of Married at First Sight on January 13th on Lifetime.

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