The ladies of Married to Medicine are spilling on the show's eighth season!

The ladies are back for a powerful new season!

Dr. Simone Whitmore, an OBGYN, shared that going to work every day, despite the pandemic, is what she's called to do.

"Helping people is what I do every day for a living. I knew my patients needed me and I was just there, pandemic or not," Dr. Whitmore said.

Married To Medicine follows the women as they all deal with the important moments 2020 brought into everyone's lives, including the fight for equality as part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

"I am raising two black young men in America and I know from seeing the images I saw last year on TV, anything that I could do, I would do."

The women are also coming together by introducing a new cast member, Anila Sajja.

"Coming in was obviously a little bit challenging, because they have been together for a long time and they have history," Sajja said.

Sajja is the first Indian American to join the series and is beyond excited to share her culture with the viewers at home.

"I'm teaching my other friends about my culture, my heritage and my background."

Despite the conflicts that women always seem to deal with, Dr. Whitmore shared that the women's undeniable bonds will always rise above the drama.

"We've been together, most of us, for a very long time. Despite our differences and our catty fights, whenever we need to unify and become as one, we do it, and we do it gracefully," Dr. Whitmore said.

You can watch new episodes of Married To Medicine Sunday nights on Bravo!

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