Variety revealed that Matthew McConaughey sold his $15 million Malibu estate to director, writer and producer Phil Lord.

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Someone's going to get lucky today! Variety revealed that Matthew McConaughey has sold his Malibu home for approximately $14.8 million, and the buyer is no other than Phil Lord.

McConaughey's former 3,800 square foot home included four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is also a wood lot protected by piling gates and walls, and a long driveway that leads to the house - leading to separation from a public road in front.

The best part of all is that the home has some exclusive celebrity treatment: it includes a key granting access to Little Dune Beach - and the presence of McConaughey's fleet collection proves that he's staying in Malibu for a long, long time.

Lord along with his partner Chris Miller has been known for producing hit movies such as Solo: A Star Wars Story and Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse.

This is a zero-to-hero upgrade for Lord: Variety revealed that Lord's current three-story house is located in the heart of Venice, Los Angeles.

We wish Phil Lord the best of luck in his new Malibu home!

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