Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik, who starred as Amy in The Big Bang Theory will host the new TBS series Celebrity Show-Off. Premiering on June 23rd, the ten episode remote talent show will feature a lineup of celebrities who will compete to produce the best and most compelling content from their homes.

Featured celebrities will include Kevin Smith, Bella Thorne, Diplo, Jason Mraz, Tori Spelling, Dwight Howard, Ja Rule, Gabi Butler, Nene Leakes, Travis Kelce, and Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis.

Five celebrities will compete each week to create self-shot programs that will be featured online with the goal to attract the most views. The shows will be uploaded to TBS' YouTube channel, so make sure you're subscribed! Each video will be scored by the total views, view duration, and engagement. The celebrity with the lowest performing video will be eliminated and replaced with a new celebrity. Each celebrity will donate money to a charity and the longer they last on the show the more they earn.

The show is adapted from the Korean series My Little Television and Craig Plestis, who developed The Masked Singer for US audiences, is behind the project.

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