Chuck Todd isn’t holding back when it comes to celebrities and politics.

Chuck Todd is a journalist who works overtime to bring us the latest in politics on his show Meet the Press on NBC. Now, he’s catching up with our Audra Lowe in a one on one interview!

Speaking with Audra in LA on the NBC red carpet about his unique hosting style, Todd says:

“I do think that there was [in the past] a sense of—that sometimes Sunday shows felt inaccessible to people. I don’t understand why. It shouldn’t be, right?”

Chuck Todd

On his goal for the way viewers interact with the show, Todd says he prides himself with the way he presents information in an accessible way.

“I love it, and I want to make other people love it the way I love it. That is sort of my goal, which is why I always say, ‘Hey, let’s do this in English.’ You know, I always say, ‘Lets not speak Washington.'”

Todd makes the news engaging for everyone—but should celebrities hold back when it comes to their political views?

“Are you a voter? Am I a voter? Everybody’s a voter,” Todd says. “Everybody’s got a right to this. I’ve always felt as if the people who criticize celebrities for having an opinion are just jealous that their platform isn’t as big. All I ask for any celebrity that acquires a platform, in any way you do it…I hope you use it for good.”

Chuck Todd

You can catch Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Sundays on NBC and MSNBC!