Meghan McCain

After four seasons, conservative co-host Meghan McCain is resigning from ABC's The View. This decision marks the end of an era, concluding nearly half a decade of explosive arguments and deep conversations.

McCain first joined The View in late 2017, replacing zestful libertarian Jedediah Bila as the show's right-wing political commentator. Prior to this, McCain had short stints as a contributor to Fox News, an analyst on MSNBC, the host of her own road-based talk show (Raising McCain), and as a guest host on The View. She also produced several controversial memoirs; her account of the 2010 election, Dirty Sexy Politics, was described by one reviewer as "the first draft of an essay written for a high school English class".

During her tenure on The View, she repeatedly came into conflict with her fellow hosts, particularly actor/comedian Whoopi Goldberg. Off the show, McCain was often the target of mockery for her unsolicited rants and repeated references to her father, the late politician John McCain. In 2019, she even reportedly considered leaving the show due to feeling miserable at ABC, though she ultimately decided against it. Since then, none can deny that Meghan's presence on the show has helped elevate The View to its current level of popularity by perpetually keeping it in the headlines.

McCain said she chose to leave because she wanted to spend more time with her family after giving birth to a daughter, Liberty, in late 2020. Her fellow hosts said their goodbyes on-air: Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines offered warm farewells, while Joy Behar gave a more dispassionate response, calling McCain "a formidable opponent".

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