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We know she's all about that bass and after six years from her album "Title," Meghan Trainor released the music video for the album title track.

In 2015, Meghan Trainor's song "Title" was making everyone dance for its catchy rhythm. After a short leaked video, fans had begged the singer to release the video but without success... Until now.

As a Christmas gift, Trainor finally released the music video, shot back in 2014. "Title," directed by Fatima Robinson, stars the singer in a sparkly dress as Miss America's competition's happening right behind her. But this time, there are no women competing for the ambitious title: only men.

As the competition proceeds, Trainor finally crowns a winner for Mister America and goes away with him.


Available EVERYWHERE tomorrow 🥳 #Title

In a recent Tik Tok, the singer appeared dancing as her song played in the background. The caption was the following:

"When they don't let you release the official music video until tik tok blows it up 6 years later."

Meghan Trainor fans, your wishes finally came true... By sharing the song on Tik Tok, you were able to bring the music video to light.

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