Melora Hardin Balances Entertainment While Making a Difference

The critically acclaimed and much beloved Amazon series, "Transparent" didn't just break barriers and defeat stereotypes, it demolished them.

The show ended too soon after a well-publicized scandal surrounding the lead actor made it difficult if not impossible to continue. The 4 season run plus it's one-off musical finale was life-changing not only for many of it's fans, but for it's cast as well. One of the of the cast members, Melora Hardin looks back on her experience on the show as an inspiration...

"Transparent really inspired me to try to search out entertainment where I'm also making a difference."

Melora Hardin's career reaches back to the 1970's with roles in film, television and Broadway. Along the way, she has made stops in more than a few episodic tv series, perhaps most notably in the classic comedy "The Office" as Jan Levinson. Currently starring in the Freeform drama series, "The Bold Type," Melora plays Jacqueline Carlyle, the editor-in-chief of Scarlet, a women's magazine in the mold of Cosmopolitan. Playing the role of a strong, confident woman, Melora feels actively about the kind of representation that women should be aware of:

"There's something about, you know, seeing a woman who is a woman of power who is also kind and has integrity and also has a family life that she's, you know, that she's successful in and sort of balancing those balls and juggling that is really important for women to see."

With her directorial debut episode of the show recently airing, we are looking forward to seeing more of Melora, this week's featured #SeeHER Spotlight celebrity.

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