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Machine Gun Kelly gives some insight into the viral video of him breaking a champagne glass.

The brief video that went viral on Tuesday night featured the pink-haired rockstar saying “I don’t give a f–k, bro. I don’t give a s–t,” into the microphone before shattering the glass on his head. He then, with blood dripping on his face, performs his hit song, “my ex’s best friend” to the people at Catch in New York City.

He shed some light on the incident, Wednesday, during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. He revealed his intention was to propose a toast using a fork. However, there was no fork in his vicinity, so, in MGK fashion, he used his head to get the crowd’s attention. Meyers replies with,

"In medicine, they call that 'asking for it'"

Machine Gun Kelly is currently on a world tour for his latest album, "Mainstream Sellout." He shared with Meyers he wanted to be "provocative" with the name of the album, and it was a way to confront his haters. He also mentioned his excitement performing in New York City and the impact the city has had on his career,

“My first music check was from New York City. I was the first rapper to win amateur night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. And it was for $45.”

His journey to fame was shown, in his documentary, "Life in Pink," which was recently released on Hulu.

In the interview, Meyers also shows a picture of the Empire State Building on the night of his concert. For his performance, the building was illuminated with pink lights. Machine Gun Kelly talked about how he was able to take a “secret ladder” in the building for a better view of the city. He referenced his injury by saying,

“Thank God I didn’t have a champagne glass up there.”

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