Michael Emerson dishes on 'The Name of the Rose'.

Michael Emerson may best be known for starring in Lost on ABC, but his 2 Emmy wins have definitely proven he is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. This time, Michael is starring as The Abbott in Sundance TV's The Name of the Rose alongside John Turturro and Rupert Everett.

The Name of the Rose is set in the Middle Ages and 14th century and based off the novel by Umberto Eco. The book did a terrific job of providing us with all the theological and historical background that will prepare us for its debut on Sundance TV.

"To me, it's attractive because it's a tale of blood and intrigue and a remote setting, both in time and space, and that sort of calls out to an actor's heart," Michael says.

The cover of the novel. PC: Amazon

For Michael, playing The Abbott is very intriguing because he loves a character that is a little mysterious or ambiguous, one that has a secret life.

"He’s a political climber, he’s a venial materialist - despite the fact that he’s the prince of the church - and he has a lot of quite dangerous secrets that he thinks he can juggle. I’m not so sure he’s successful.”

Much of Umberto Eco's writing deals with philosophy, theology, and history. The topics he writes are definitely far from current, yet his writing still stays relevant.

“I think just the depth of his scholarship for one thing, but also the playful way he has in making comparisons between points of view between philosophy, between the sectarianism of the holy church in those days, and the battles they were fighting with political forces of the time, the Holy Roman Empire, the various Kings and counties that were trying to have there way with the Church."

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