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An infamous Hollywood crime story is coming to the small screen!

The new docuseries, Moment of Truth, raises questions about the 1993 murder of James Jordan, basketball legend Michael Jordan's father.

Shelly Leslie, executive producer of the show, opened up as to why the new series uncovers information the general public never knew about the mysterious death.

"If you think you already know this story, consider that you don't know the whole story. I think our job was to really go back and take this apart and begin to connect dots that were never connected," Leslie said.

Matthew Perniciaro served as director behind the project and also added more context to the story.

"We wanted to tell the story, not just with a level of investigative detail that had never been told before, but a degree of humanity that had never been told before. The Jordan family suffered a great loss, and you have to respect that loss," Perniciaro said.

You can catch Moment of Truth on IMDbTV.

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