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According to The Wrap, Michael Keaton might resurrect his Batman role after almost 30 years. Warner Brother's DC movie The Flash is currently in the works, and Keaton could be joining the cast as Gotham's hero.

A Multiverse


Director Andy Muschietti is trying to portray a 'multiverse' for his Flash movie. Multiverses are prominent in DC Comics and was first featured in the first volume of The Flash back in 1961. According to reports from The Wrap, The Flash will go through this multiverse accidentally as he tries to save his mother. Ezra Miller is set to star as The Flash.

Don't Underestimate Michael Keaton


Keaton first played Batman in 1989's Batman and then again in 1992's Batman Returns. When it was first announced that he would play Batman, some fans were unsure about how Keaton would play such a role, as he didn't seem robust or chiseled enough. Upon the release of his first portrayal of Batman in 1989, film critic Hal Hinson describes the casting as an "upsetting" choice but then goes on to say how Keaton took on the role as "a true star performance, subtle, authoritative and sexually vibrant."

Now, with Keaton in his 60's, we can assume that he will portray an aging Batman. Will fans underestimate him like they did back in 1989? We will have to wait and see.

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