Micael strahan

Michael Strahan removed his famous gap in his tooth with veneers.

The 49-year-old took to twitter on Tuesday to show his fans his new teeth while at the dentist in New York, but was it all a joke? Some people seem to think so.

Although, we don't know if he is pulling an April fools joke on us, he seemed to be really loving the teeth in his video.

Michael Strahan on Twitter

The new look was done with Dr. Lee Gause at Smile Design Manhattan and Strahan said that he was the only one he would let do this.

"I gotta do what I wanna do for myself," he reflected, before saying the final result was "50 years in the making."

This comes quite a few years after the former NFL player publicly discussed his self-consciousness with his smile and that he was going to embrace it.

Now, the big question is if this is real or fake. With this coming out two days before April Fool's, it makes one think that this is a little too far in advance for a joke.

In the video he had gone through two appointments and talked through the whole video about how much this means to him.

He finished off the announcement video with a cheesy smile showing off his his new pearly whites.

It is reported that his he is wearing a removable dental piece.

Some fans quickly took to twitter after his announcement to give their two cents. One fan had joked that "he lost all his super powers." Another fan wanted to show him some support saying he "never looked back" once he filled in his gap.

April fools joke or not, Micheal Strahan can rock anything he does. We love the new look!

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