Mike Rowe is Returning the Favor on Facebook Watch

Mike Rowe is back in the spotlight with a new show for Facebook Watch called Returning The Favor.

The show focuses on finding people who are doing good in their communities, and surprising them with a gift that can help them continue to make a difference.

Although the former Dirty Jobs host has demonstrated a willingness to do almost anything, Rowe required some convincing before committing to this new project.

"I said 'No, no I will never host a feel good show.' They said 'Why?', and I said 'Because you’re going to do what you always do. You’re going to mess it up.'"

Rowe countered the producers with an idea of his own -- filming the process of performing these kind acts. With this change, the feeling of the show went from a "feel good" cliche to that of a documentary focusing on the positive nature of the people it features.

A Dirty Job can be Life Changing

Dirty Jobs was the show that made Mike Rowe's a household name, so, naturally, it changed his life.

"Dirty Jobs happened because I started to think differently about my own identity in this ridiculous business. Once that happened, and once I let go of trying to be seen as more credible, knowledgable, or confident than I actually am, good things started to happen."

You can stream Returning The Favor on Facebook Watch now!

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