Miley Cyrus


There's always something new trending on Tik Tok and this time it involves Miley Cyrus. Fans of the singer are posting videos using her audio and promising to complete dares if Miley comments.

From haircuts to engagements...Miley has her fans making big moves. Following the release of her new record 'Plastic Hearts', one of her songs began gaining traction as a sound for the app.

One user captioned their video stating they would get a mullet (similar to Miley's) if the musical artist left a comment. Miley found the video and left a comment- thus beginning the trend.

Since then, fans have committed to tattoos, piercings, even engagements just for a comment from Miley Cyrus.

One couple promised to get married if Miley noticed them...

Sure enough, she did!

Miley even went as far as to say "hope it goes better for you two than it did for me." Referring to her brief marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth. The two had been on and off again for years- already breaking off an engagement once. Miley and Liam tied the knot two years ago this month and finalized the divorce in January of this year.

Dating is no longer a priority for the singer as she is prioritizing safety and self love as the world continues facing the pandemic.

For now she's having fun with her fans:

What would you do for a message from Miley?!

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