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Miley Cyrus Talks About New Single 'Midnight Sky' on SiriusXM's '​The Pulse'

Miley Cyrus Chats with SiriusXM's Ron Ross About New Single 'Midnight Sky.'

Miley Cyrus virtually joined SiriusXM's Ron Ross on The Pulse to talk about her new single "Midnight Sky" on Tuesday.

Cyrus, being her typical eccentric self, sat in a funky and colorful chair while speaking to Ron Ross virtually. She talked all about her new focus on music with her new single and upcoming album She is Miley Cyrus.

Stevie Nicks Gives '​​​Midnight Sky'​​ Her Blessing

Cyrus played "Midnight Sky" for Stevie Nicks to receive her blessing for the record and the "nod to the Edges of Seventeen" it takes on. Cyrus even had a back-up melody planned if Nicks did not give her blessing to sample Edge of Seventeen in the single.

"By her, green-lighting, it, it just like authenticated it, in a way beyond of what I could have ever really dreamed of just because when you get like a torch passed to you in that way from an artist that you respect, so much, it just, again, it gave me such a sense of freedom and it really just validates the record, you know, Midnight Sky itself, but then the album has a body of work."

Miley Cyrus on Collaborations with Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa

Unfortunately, Cyrus was unable to formally collaborate on a track with Eilish because of the pandemic but she did do a cover of Eilish's "My Future."

"I just recently covered Billie Eilish's My Future. And we're talking about influences from the past affecting music today. And I love that song so much because the way it kind of seems like, you know, like a jazz traditional, like standard record. And you can hear what she's been brought up, listening to you learn so much about an artist in three minutes, when you can hear almost in a way, like when you listen to the Midnight Sky, I hope people can hear like my dad's jukebox and what he was playing in the morning when I was getting ready for school."

But Cyrus did reveal that Dua Lipa will be featured on her new album.

"Working with, Andrew Watt, who's done a big chunk of this entire record, and getting in the studio with Dua Lipa, who's also one of his collaborators, they work together a lot. And so just creating a community, you know, I think all of us, that's what we really been longing for. Especially this year is just creating like community and that's something I really missed, was the connection that I have with other artists in that relate-ability. And I think we've had to get creative of ways that we can stay inspired to write, because it feels like in a way life has stopped. But because it's been so reflective for everyone, I think that's been giving me a lot of material to write from, and that's kind of what me and my collaborators have been pulling from is just the last two years of my life."

Miley Discusses Her Self-directed Music Video

Ron Ross noted how Cyrus's new video for "Midnight Sky" had "so much going on" and how viewers would have to watch it multiple times to pick up on everything.

"That's the trick. You get the views going, you know. And all of it really has, it's all very kind of metaphorical. And I wanted it to be a very visual in the way the lyrics are so descriptive that you don't really want to act out what the lyrics are because you want the lyrics to be able to stand alone without distraction. So I kept it kind of, I mean, in a way, just very focused and let the music lead, which is why I wanted to have my microphone. So it's very clear that like, the music is the focus. It comes first. There's, my life and my career have been really focused a lot on like gags and kitsch and that's something that I wanted to leave behind."

Cyrus directed the music video and discussed how she is interested in getting into directing films but films require a whole storyline, a cast and crew and hours of content whereas music videos are typically short clips.

"And I thought, well, let me just get a gauge of where I am as a director by starting with music videos. And it turned out that I think I love it even more than I could maybe even love film, even though, I mean, my favorite parts of movies are usually the soundtrack and the score. So this is kind of like just getting that, you're getting to create almost a mini. You are telling a story because the song does, especially this one, it has so much dynamic and there is a beginning and there is an end."

Check out Miley's latest music video Midnight Sky.

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