Super Good Campaign Teaser

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Supernatural's Misha Collins and Good Omen's Michael Sheen have joined forces to launch their Super Good campaign! The initiative raises money for the homeless, including those affected by the pandemic.

Both stars fittingly play angels in their respective shows as they use their fame to do good. Through the Super Good campaign, the pair are selling limited edition shirts and necklaces through the company, Stands, where 100% of the proceeds will go to the charities Random Acts and Lydia Place, which support homeless relief in the U.S. and Wales.

Collins tweet out the teaser for the campaign paying homage to both of their roles, saying:

"Something heavenly is about to go down."

Collins opened up about his own experience with homelessness and how this campaign is needed now more than ever saying:

"My family struggled when I was a child — we were even homeless at times, so I can relate to how hard that can be. With COVID-19, more families than ever are facing extreme hardship, the poorest families are the ones most likely to have lost jobs, and most likely to be losing housing, so now this issue seems more pressing than ever. This campaign will mobilize people to support organizations like Lydia Place doing 'super good' work to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Besides, teaming up with Michael Sheen (who is a much better human being than I am and might literally be an angel) ups my angelic 'street cred,' which should help me fit in with the other angels in our neighborhood."

Collins took to Instagram to share the news of his campaign with Sheen through an adorable photo of him and daughter, Maison.

Sheen also took to his social media to show off the t-shirt's fun design.

Click here to learn more and purchase a shirt of your own!

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