What does it take to become Miss Universe? As current Miss USA and a former Miss Nebraska Teen USA and Miss Nebraska USASarah Rose Summers knows the drill, and she takes us through her routine as she prepares to take on the Universe.

Fitness Training for Miss Universe 2018

Our lesson starts at Gravity Fitness, where Sarah Rose Summers continues her journey toward the ultimate crown. That said, feeling healthy and fit is an incredible prize in itself, and one that we can all achieve if we put in the time.


Summers explains the importance of getting your heart rate up and warming the body to prepare for weights. While the treadmill is her weapon of choice, she makes sure to carry a jumprope to ensure she can get her blood flowing anywhere, anytime.

Back Muscles

To strengthen her lats, Summers prefers Superman fly's and pulldowns, but, when it comes to the lower back and strengthening her core, she relies on a TRX resistance cord.

Arms & Chest

For strong, lean arms, Summers does tricep dips. Following up with chest fly’s tones everything up from her arms through her chest.

Pro-tip: You can kill two birds with one stone if you work the weights on top of a ball with crunches. This reinforces your abs simultaneously.

Legs and Glutes

You can’t do a full body workout without working the legs, so Summers counts on hamstring and glute extensions to activate her lower half.

To work her inner thigh, she straps on two pound ankle weights and does 20 inner thigh circles in one direction, then reverses it.


The way you wind down your workout can be as important as how you start. After all, getting the blood flowing and the muscles flexing is great in the gym, but outside is a whole different environment.

To adjust to the real-world, do a post-workout stretch and alleviate any remaining tension.

No matter what, remember that beauty is about how you feel, not just how you look, and you don't have to be Miss USA or Miss Universe to attain that.

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