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Looking for some high stakes drama with a real life twist?

Heist on Netflix is a six-episode series chronicling some of the country's most notorious heists.

The first two episodes of Heist are based on the real-life story of Heather Tallchief, who was responsible for the October 1, 1993, Las Vegas heist.

Tallchief stole an armored van filled with $3 million casino cash and went on the run with her convicted murderer boyfriend, Roberto Solis.

After absconding with the money, Tallchief and Solis fled. Tallchief would turn herself into authorities 10 years later, but Solis has never been found.

The episodes are part documentary and part reenactment, with Tallchief herself narrating while actors portray the key players and live out the events that took place.

Documentarian Derek Doneen, director of the first two episodes and producer of the series, was tasked with telling Tallchief's story and spoke to Celebrity Page TV's Rachel Smith all about the project.

"This story is incredibly unique. First of all, it's a heist led by a woman, which is pretty rare. I've done a lot of research, obviously, for the show, and most of the heists are led by men or groups of men," Derek Doneen said.

Since Tallchief is such an integral part of the story, it was only fitting to get her involved and have her as the primary storyteller.

Doneen underscored the importance of Tallchief's involvement by saying:

"That was sort of our guiding light from day one. I think we were really excited about telling these heist stories. We love heist stories. I think the world is sort of enchanted by the romanticism of whether we could pull it off. Of all the stories that I researched, this is the one where the people who pulled off the heist truly do get away. They do get away with it. They planned and pulled off the perfect crime. There is a lot of fun and wish-fulfillment in that."

Other stories told in Heist are the 2005 Miami Brink heist and the 1999 Pappy Van Winkle bourbon heist.

Heist is now streaming on Netflix.

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