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Monica is putting her detective hat on in a new thrilling TV show.

In Monica's new VH1 series, Infamy: When Fame Turns Deadly, the singer delves deep into eight true crime cases involving people in the spotlight.

"I've been a fan of true crime series pretty much my whole life. I still watch so many of them and 'Infamy' parallels them, but the difference is that 'Infamy' allows you to get to know the victim," Monica said.

Her show will shed light on the family and friends who are left behind to deal with heartbreaking tragedies.

"It connects you instantly because you realize these tragedies left so many people hurting and mourning."

True crime aside, Monica did speak about a return to music in the form of her highly anticipated new album, Trenches.

"Now that we're in the stages where I can finally say it's done, and it's coming, that puts a big smile on my face. I did not mean for the wait to be as long as it was, but I appreciate the fans for being supportive throughout the process."

Infamy: When Fame Turns Deadly airs Monday nights on VH1.

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