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Ranker.com's Watchworthy is an auto-generated app that helps fans find new shows based off of the shows they currently enjoy. Based on Riverdale's fan base, audiences may enjoy two other shows surrounding crime, love, and betrayal.


The BBC drama Poldark follows "A British soldier who returns from the defeat in the American Revolution to find that his livelihood, family, and fiance have been torn away from him."

Like Riverdale, the series deals with love triangles and betrayals, just in an 18th century setting.

'Dead to Me'

Starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, Dead to Me follows,

"Two good friends struggle to solve, and then cover up, dark crimes they've become involved in."

The Netflix crime thriller comedy explores the extent of revenge and friendship like no other show has.

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Prince Harry and James Corden

James Corden became a personal tour guide for Prince Harry and spend with him the entire afternoon. Check out how it went for the two!


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8052 Rob Shuter

Prince Harry recently spent the day with James Corden, but our royal correspondent Rob Shuter is sharing even more on the latest royal news.

Shuter said: