'Nailed It!' Premieres A Messy Fifth Season With Double Trouble! | Celebrity Page

As the saying goes, good things come in threes twos, so Netflix is serving up a brand new season of its messiest baking competition... Nailed It! Double Trouble.

Chef and judge of Nailed It!, Jacques Torres walks Celebrity Page through what this next season has in store for viewers.

"What makes the show so interesting is actually the fails. Every very episode, I go home thinking 'Ok, you know what, you cannot have something more catastrophic,' and the next day, they top it," Torres said.

This season layers on the double trouble by bringing in chefs in twos. This season includes sisters Joey King - you may know her as Elle from Netflix's The Kissing Booth - and her older sister Hunter King.

"Having two bakers in the kitchen, you would expect better cakes. Uh-uh. Didn't happen," Torres said.

Torres' co-host and comedienne Nicole Byer joins Nailed It! again for this fifth season, fans will be happy to hear.

"She never stops making jokes. Everybody laughs because Nicole is so much fun."

Stream Nailed It! Double Trouble on Netflix now.

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