One-On-One: Nancy Grace Steps Behind The Camera For 'The Good Father' On Lifetime | Celebrity Page

Nancy Grace is revisiting the Martin MacNeill case for her new Lifetime film, The Good Father.

The Good Father: The Martin MacNeill Story provides an in-depth look at the true story of Martin MacNeill and his wife's suspicious murder.

Nancy covered this horrific case in real time back in 2013. Now, the prosector went behind the camera as an executive producer to tell the story as a film, with Tom Everett Scott starring as MacNeill himself.

"It was amazing and daunting to be on the other side of the camera because you feel responsible for the telling. Some Hollywood producer didn't dream it up sitting, kicking back in his chair, looking out the window. This is real. These are real people that suffered through this incredible thing that happened to them," Grace said.

The film portrays the shocking events leading up to the case, including Dr. MacNeill's affair on his wife, Michele MacNeill, and murdering her after prescribing her a dangerous mix of drugs.

"It felt like a joy and a burden to tell it right," Grace said.

The Good Father: The Martin MacNeill Story airs October 2nd on Lifetime.

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