John Legend and Chrissy Teigen


Everyone loves pizza, one way or another. Some celebs like their 'za with double the pepperoni and some love to munch down on vegan and gluten-free versions. However you like it, there's a celeb out there who feels the same way.

Bella Hadid and Miley Cyrus

Supermodel Bella Hadid devours a Hawaiian-style pizza alongside good friend and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus.

Like her sister Gigi, Bella Hadid is a major pizza fanatic and Cyrus has stated her favorite topping is just more and more cheese.

Season 25 'The Bachelor' Cast

The women of The Bachelor may have drama with each other, but can all agree that pizza is amazing! Matt James' favorite topping is double pepperoni with a side of ranch.

Many of the girls love pepperoni as well, adding green peppers, pineapples, and jalapeños to the mix, with contestant Kit Keenan sharing her far-out topping favorites: avocado, egg, and sriracha.

Selena Gomez

Billboard Music Awards nominee Selena Gomez loves her pizza as well. The singer has stated her three favorite toppings have to be cheese, peppers, and mushrooms.

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is the ultimate Italiano. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host continues to share his favorite parlors and dishes on Instagram. The Brooklyn native has his own pizza brick oven at home where he invites friends and family to come over and toss some 'za.

The Legend-Teigens

Chrissy Teigen is loved by many for her unapologetic humor and wit. Specifically, her cookbook series Cravings (2018) is loved by many and the author took to her YouTube to make pizzas with her Grammy award winning husband John Legend.

The two were joined by Chef Luca and Legend topped his pizza with mozerella and fresh basil.

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama will chow down on pizza anywhere. While on The Tonight Show, the Chicago native told Jimmy Fallon he actually prefers New York style over Chicago deep dish, due to its practicality.

"New York style, being able to fold it, walk while you're eating. There's an efficiency element to it that I think puts it over the top."

Kerry Washington

Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Kerry Washington will eat her gluten-free pizza anywhere, including backstage at the Oscars.

Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling

A Wrinkle in Time (2018) co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling shared some pizza behind the scenes of their People's Choice Award nominated flick.

The Legally Blonde (2001) star has stated her favorite pizza topping has to be pepperoni.

Kristen Bell

Frozen's (2013) Anna of Arendelle enjoys a vegetable filled pizza wherever she goes. The star of The Good Place (2016-2020) loves to make "pizza eggs" with her leftover pizza toppings as a great breakfast scramble.

Brie Larson

Even Captain Marvel can't get enough of the Italian dish. Brie Larson took to Instagram to share her poolside pizza and drink with fans.

We hope you have an amazing National Pizza Day filled with carbs galore!

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