When Glee premiered back in 2009, I doubt anyone quite knew there would be a fiery, sassy, and strong Latina woman to break barriers throughout all six seasons of the hit musical show. Naya Rivera played Santana Lopez: a cheerleader of The Cheerios squad, beloved glee club member, beyond talented singer, and queer icon. Rivera's role on the show as an Afro-Latina lesbian woman gave a whole new meaning to "diversity" on the show, and her representation meant so much to fans. In honor of Rivera's life, here are some of her best moments on Glee.

"Songbird" Performance For Brittany

This is during season two of the show, when the glee club is assigned to sing a song off the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac. During this time, Santana was struggling to express her feelings for Brittany, portrayed by Heather Morris, and had not come out as LGBTQ+ yet. In this performance, she expresses her feelings for Brittany through this song.

Celebrities Share Naya's Impact

Naya Rivera was a light to those who knew her. She will be greatly missed.

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