Black Lives Matter Netflix Pop-Up


Netflix is reinforcing their commitment to black storytellers through a dedicated collection of movies and documentaries about the black experience in America. The collection is now available to all U.S. Netflix users.

Netflix showed their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement through this tweet about the new collection of films that pops up when users first log into Netflix, The pop-up reads:

"More than a moment. Black lives matter. Learn more about racial injustice and the Black experience in America with this collection of films, series, and documentaries."

Users can then choose to enter the collection or continue to the homepage.

With so many lists being compiled on what to watch right now to educate yourself about blackness and racism, Netflix creates a one-stop place to start this intensive process of gathering information and becoming informed about racial inequality. The collection includes various genres perfect for viewers of all tastes. Here are just a few of the 47 films, series and documentaries that are included in this collection:

Other than the pop-up, the collection can be accessed by searching "Black Lives Matter" in the search bar or clicking here.

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