Netflix Cover Image for "Lucifer"


In 2018, hit TV show Lucifer was taken off Fox after just 3 seasons. Luckily, Netflix picked up the devilish drama for season 4, 5 and now, 6.

A Quick Debrief

The show follows fallen angel Lucifer, who becomes dissatisfied with life in Hell. He goes to Los Angeles to indulge in his favorite things- women, wine, and song. After a murder takes place outside his nightclub, Lucifer finds compassion and begins to wonder if there is hope for his soul.

Season 666

After season 4, fans saw the devil spiral through an identity crisis. After being hunted by demons and battling his desires to be both good and evil, Lucifer returns to Hell, leaving Chloe behind.

In June 2019, Lucifer was approved for a 16-episode season 5, which has yet to air. But the fun won't be over with that. We'll be able to catch Lucifer for season 6 soon, too!

Catch up on seasons 1-4, or watch Lucifer Season 5 drop on Netflix August 21st.

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