The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell

When you think 'Santa Claus', you probably conjure images of Kurt Russell. Okay. Maybe not. Regardless, the artist formerly known as Snake Plissken trades in his eye patch for a white beard, but keeps plenty of attitude in this Netflix original movie.

The Christmas Chronicles puts a new spin on the formula popularized by Tim Allen's The Santa Clause films by putting an unlikely Saint Nick in the big, red suit.

The plot revolves around a pair of siblings. The little sister is a believer, and the big brother is a skeptic. Together, they hatch a plan to catch Santa Claus in the act -- proving or disproving his existence. Naturally, things go wrong and they find themselves as stowaways on a globe-trotting holiday misadventure.

Throughout the process, the siblings get to know the real Santa Claus, played by Russell. He dispels rumors surrounding his legend while taking the kids on an elf-infested ride that includes stolen cars and police chases that may involve reindeer.

Join Santa's wild adventure this holiday season with The Christmas Chronicles, now streaming on Netflix.

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