New Music To Add To Your Playlist: Constantine Maroulis & Tyra Madison | Celebrity Page TV

In today's #Feed, Ricky Cornish is chatting with American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis and country singer Tyra Madison about their new music that needs to be on your summer playlist!

'Until I'm Wanted' - Constantine Maroulis 

American Idol and Broadway star Constantine Maroulis is dropping a new album! Maroulis shared with us the inspiration for his new music:

"Nearly a decade and a half since my run on American Idol with Carrie Underwood. I just thought it was important to put something out there in the world that is personal and sort of my love letter to rock and roll."

Until I'm Wanted is available on all platforms now.

'Lightning' - Tyra Madison

We chatted with country singer Tyra Madison about her new single "Lightning". Madison shared with Celebrity Page Nashville Correspondent Sam Alex:

"It's called lightning and it's basically a song about a relationship that's basically failing. Lay on the lightning, lay on the hurt."

"Lightning" is available for streaming on all platforms now!

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