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Art imitates life as Will Ferrell lives out his own musical fantasy, bringing the Eurovision singing competition to Netflix in this heartfelt parody film...

One on One with Will Ferrell

Ferrell could not wait to share his excitement about the show. In the interview, he tells Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith:

"You know it's been an idea I've had for the longest time and to finally execute it and kind of bring it to the world is great. It's silly and it's sweet. The music is actually better than you think it's going to be, in a fun kind of way.

Ferrell also shared that the show will feature his actual singing, something he and the world are super excited about. He says:

"I finally got to go into the recording studio with these fancy Hollywood record producers and it was just such a cool thing to 'lay some tracks down' and perform on this massive stage. We wanted to capture the scope of how big Eurovision really is."

As for his favorite song on the show, Ferrell said it had to be "Jaja Ding Dong." The song features a fun tune that can pick any listener up.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is streaming now on Netflix.

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