Important New Year's Resolution Advice To Keep In Mind

Donny Meacham, relationship expert, talked to our Sonia Isabelle about the pandemic, reflecting on the upcoming the year, as well as shared advice on keeping up with your resolutions.

Meacham shared why it is so important for people to keep their expectations in check for this upcoming new year. He says:

"We have to remember the pandemic is not quite over. It's exciting because we're all seeing a lot of people getting the vaccine, but we still need to be patient. What we can do is during this time reflect on what it is we want out of this new year, our lives, and in our relationships with people. So that way when we are able to safely interact with one another it will on a more positive and healthy note."

As for what people should do in order to keep their resolutions going past this week, Meacham says:

"The biggest problem is we set ourselves up with unrealistic expectations and when we don't meet them right away, we just get rid of them. Instead of saying 'I'm going to lose 50 pounds this month!', you say I'm going to lose 5 pounds this month. Then next month you set yourself up for 7 pounds. You make small, achievable goals. The biggest thing is you need to set yourself up for success and not for failure.

In regards to what expect from the dating scene in the months ahead, Meacham shared:

"Many of us want to get out there, we want to date, we want to meet people, be social, except a hug from a stranger, but we still need to be a little patient. So I'm suggesting, if you have not already, join a dating app. That way you can take this time to really get to know someone, so when it is safe to finally meet them in person you guys will have a deeper connection and it will be that much more special.
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