Finally a conspiracy theory everyone should get involved with! The Jonas Brothers have pretty good luck considering all their accomplishments, but can they make other people, like athletes have good luck?

Nick Jonas explained his "Jonas Blessing" theory during The Tonight Show on March 2nd. The theory goes as follows: since the band has gotten back together in 2019 many famous athletes have gone to their shows and have seen a significant trend with good luck.

"The first was Cody Bellinger, who then went on to win the World Series with the Dodgers," Nick Jonas explained. "We had Patrick Mahomes, who in the 2020 Super Bowl won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. He came to a show in KC. And then Lewis Hamilton, who surpassed the all-time [Formula 1] record, he went on to, after he came to a show, to do that."

The 28-year-old singer caught on to that trend and joked about making some money off these athletes success, "'If they want the Jonas Blessing, to come to a show and then go on to win a championship, they're going to have to pay up.'"

Although, the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to the brothers shows this year preventing them from performing for any of the successful athletes. Even canceling their nine-day Las Vegas Residency last year.

So that leaves one question if they haven't been able to perform: what's the reason behind Tom Brady's Super Bowl win in February?

Jonas with a quick witty answer, "We actually did a private, COVID-safe show for Tom Brady before the Super Bowl," he joked, "and that's why."

Throughout the interview, Nick Jonas talked about more than just his success stories. He will be a returning judge on The Voice, talked about his new album Spaceman, and his upcoming new movie Chaos Walking.

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