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Everyone Loves Nick Miller From 'New Girl' and Here's Why

New Girl's Nick Miller, played by Jake Johnson, is arguably one of the best characters of television. Whether it's his inability to lie or his relationship with a stranger who doesn't speak, Nick always makes fans feel good inside.

Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) is a simple man. He's been a bartender, an acclaimed novelist, an inventor, the list goes on. Yet, at his core this man is your average adult who doesn't have a clue what he's doing and that's what really draws the audience in.

Gave Me Cookie Got You Cookie

In Season 2, Episode 5 of New Girl Nick's best friend Schmidt (Max Greenfield) goes out to get a cookie for Nick, just because. To a normal person this would be a kind gesture, but we're talking about Nick Miller.

This action dumbfounds Nick to the point where Schmidt gets riled up on the fact that Nick doesn't do anything for Schmidt out of love.

To make it up to Schmidt, Nick purchases him a cookie that he self-cuts to be shaped as a menorah, which Schmidt is more than unappreciative of leading Nick to say one of his most iconic lines,

"You gave me a cookie I gave you a cookie. You gave me cookie gave you cookie. Gave me cookie got you cookie! You gave me a cookie I got you a cookie, man! Gave me cookie got you cookie, we're even! We're even, Schmidt!"

Pepperwood Chronicles

Remember when we said Nick was an acclaimed novelist? We weren't lying. In Season 6, Nick finished writing The Pepperwood Chronicles with Julius Pepperwood as the protagonist (one of Nick's aliases introduced in Season 2).

His friends and girlfriend of the time Reagan (Megan Fox) were terrified that the book wouldn't be good, but after reading it they all agreed that it was surprisingly amazing.

The end of Season 6 showcases Nick at a meeting with a publisher and Season 7 shows Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) returning from a national tour of the novels three years after the initial meeting. So, it's safe to say The Pepperwood Chronicles are a hit.

He Can't Lie

We all love a man who can't lie, but Nick Miller takes it a step too far. Not only can he not lie, he has the worst tells. From sweaty back to inconsistent pitch of voice, anybody could tell that they are being lied to by Nick Miller.

An Eye for Music

Nick Miller has shown some amazing music taste over the season jamming out to reggae naked, drinking a beer to Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love," and freestyling to Taylor Swift's "22."

In this clip particularly, Miller's pump up song is revealed to be Rednex's "Cotton Eye Joe."

A Royal Meeting

If you ever had the honor of meeting Prince and didn't react the way Jess and Nick did... did you actually meet Prince?

While dealing with the fact that Nick blurted out he loved Jess and she returned the favor with finger guns, the Grammy Hall of Fame inducted artist approaches the two and allows them to freak out over his presence, which they sure do.

Nick and Tran

Before we jump into the romantic relationships of Nick's past, we have to recognize one of the most underrated friends in Nick's life, Tran (Ralph Ahn).

Nick meets Tran in Season 2 and he's brought back as the silent mentor of Nick's every now and then. Although we can't physically hear Tran, the two have a spiritual connection that always gets Nick back up on his feet.

Nick: A Lady's Man

Nick is actually is farther from a lady's man than Winston (Lamorne Morris) who devotes his life to his cat. Right before he committed to Jess, Nick had the fattest crush on the newest loftmate Reagan.

Nick awkwardly avoided any revealing of his feelings until Reagan finally gave in. Still, the two had difficulties with commitment and the R word (relationship).

The two ended up together for the majority of Season 6 until Nick cowardly breaks up with her by ditching her on a train headed to San Diego.

Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) was the real soul crusher of Nick's life at the beginning of New Girl. Nick had been with Caroline for years before he was dumped and left as an utter mess.

Season 3 reveals Caroline to be quite the crazy ex accusing Nick of cheating on her with Jess during their brief time back together in season 2. Nick did not literally cheat on Caroline, but claims he might as well have because he's been in love with Jess since the moment they met.

Julia (Lizzy Caplan) was Nick's first hardcore relationship in Season 1 after the Caroline monstrosity. Julia was a lawyer who broke up with Nick after he freaked out over a cactus gift and she realized she wasn't as into him as she thought.

Angie (Olivia Munn) provided Nick with a wild time. Angie was carefree and unapologetic and as much as the two gave audiences quite the laugh, Angie admitted her tendency to self-sabotage and Nick found that he likes a sense of normalcy in a relationship.

Nick and Jess: Endgame

Six seasons later, Nick and Jess finally figure things out and end up together. Of course, the two spent most of Season 3 as a serious couple, but that ended after the couldn't balance being friends and partners.

At the very end of Season 6 fans are finally given the kiss they've all been waiting for and Season 7 shows the two still together three years later. Nick spends much of Season 7 finding the perfect time to propose, but being that it is Nick and Jess, there's never a perfect time.

With Dirty Dancing (1987) playing in the back as a nod to the pilot, Nick gets down on his knee, Jess delivers a touching monologue, and the two get married in the funkiest way the next episode.

This list only highlights some of the amazing times, lines, and rhymes Miller delivers on the series. Nick Miller is truly an amazing character that anyone can go back to and enjoy.

All seven seasons of New Girl are available to watch on Netflix.

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