Nick Mohammed Opens Up On Second Seasons Of 'Intelligence' & 'Ted Lasso' | Celebrity Page

British comedian, actor, and writer, Nick Mohammed, is hard at work on two critically-acclaimed television series: Peacock's Intelligence and Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso.

Intelligence - Peacock

Intelligence follows an NSA agent who joins the UK's Government Communications Headquarters. Mohammed portrays the quirky Joseph Harries, who wreaks havoc with David Schwimmer's character, Jerry Bernstein.

Mohammed wanted that he could go above and beyond with the writing for the second season.

"We know that everybody knows that it's a very silly show, they know who the characters are, so we had a lot of fun with it," Mohammed said.

Mohammed's co-star also gushed on working with his close friend, David Schwimmer.

"To be able to lean into his wealth of experience was just something I'm grateful for. He's such a brilliant, kind man... a joy to work with, and you almost take for granted just how funny he is."

Season two of Intelligence is streaming now on Peacock.

Ted Lasso - Apple TV+

But why have one show return for a second season when you can have two?

The hit Apple TV+ comedy, Ted Lasso, is back and better than ever this summer.

"I just hope that fans of Ted Lasso take season two to the heart as much as they had done with that first season."

Ted Lasso follows the title character, played by SNL alum, Jason Sudekis. Lasso is a college football coach who is assigned to coach a football team in England. This heart-felt, goofy comedy features Mohammed as the assistant coach, Nathan Shelley, who is dubbed 'Nate the Great.'

The season season premieres July 23rd on Apple TV+.

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