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Giddy up, Hallmark fans!

Nikki DeLoach has starred in several Hallmark movies over the years.

This time around, in Taking The Reins, DeLoach plays Samantha, a writer who returns to her family ranch. While there, she finds the one person she has been running from: her ex husband Luke, played by Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter.

"It's his introduction into the world of Hallmark. I have wanted to pull him into the fray for such a long time... He is not just such a great partner and a great teammate and a great actor, he is such a good human being," DeLoach said.

Although she sings his praises in real life, in Taking The Reins, Samantha and Luke are not quite as fond of each other. At least not at first.

"What we really wanted to explore was people who pursue something their whole life and then wake up one day and wonder 'Am I pursuing this because it's my passion and it's something I love? Or am I pursuing this because it's all I know?'"

Taking The Reins premieres Saturday, September 25th, on Hallmark Channel.

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