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Comedian Nikki Glaser is starring in a new reality series where she returns to her hometown of St. Louis.

Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? follows the comedian as she makes the decision to move from Hollywood to the city she grew up in. Premiering on May 1, Glaser describes it as "a journey of self discovery" that will see her relationships with her parents, childhood friend, platonic roommate, and even her ex-boyfriend, Chris Convy.

Glaser says the experience was "thoroughly chaotic" as she tried to maintain her career and find love all whilst in a new city. She even reportedly tried her hand at music, which she says didn't always end well, but was nonetheless an important part of her journey to remain grounded by the people who were close to her before her fame.

In true Nikki fashion, Glaser announced her series on E!...with a roast of E!

"In honor of my new show, I'm going to roast the network insane enough to greenlight it. [...] I was told 'Nikki, you're gonna be on E!' and I was like, 'Oh, so all the streaming services said no?' [...] But honestly, my only real problem with E! is the exclamation mark."

Glaser gives E! some credit for the success of her career, as it was the network that introduced her to her biggest comedic influences. Glaser cites Chelsea Handler, Joel McHale, and "the before faces on Botched."

For more of Nikki Glaser's comedy, check out the video above, and watch Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? on E! May 1.

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