Nightly Pop host Nina Parker says her television success didn’t happen overnight

She may be all over E! as one of the hosts of Nightly Pop, but for Nina Parker, the journey toward a career in entertainment wasn’t always smooth sailing!

Parker says that after getting her degree in broadcasting, she returned home and opted to spend a year working at a cell phone company to earn a living.


“Then that one year turned into four years, and I really became depressed because I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose,” said Parker. "One day after crying my eyes out on my mom’s couch, [my mom] was like, ‘you know, you don’t have to live this way, you could just do what you want to do.’”

Parker decided right then and there to pick up and move to Los Angeles, where she began her career in the entertainment capital as a production assistant before being promoted to producer four months later. Finally, her hard work paid off, and she landed her first role on-air.


“I moved on to the television show, and really from there, everything just kind of skyrocketed.” —Nina Parker

So what would Parker say to someone also hoping to pave a career path in the industry?

“There’s never going to be a position where you’re like, okay, I can coast. That just doesn’t happen. There’s never this great time in a career where you’re like, ‘Okay, now everything’s perfect!’ There’s still going to be challenges, but most importantly, you have to be prepared to do the work...the stuff you don’t want to do. Because that’s what’s going to come first.” —Nina Parker

Be sure to catch Nina Parker on Nightly Pop Sundays and Mondays at 11:30 PM!

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