The Now Apocalypse cast speaks to the show's originality and appeal.

Now Apocalypse on STARZ just premiered, and our correspondent Howard Henley is talking to the stars of the show about the show's many themes including love, sex, and fame.

Avan Jogia, who plays the main character Ulysses, is amazed by his character's craziness.

“It follows Ulysses, my character, and his four friends as they navigate relationships, and Grindr and Tinder in Los Angeles. And he’s so stoned that he thinks there might be aliens," Avan says.

Tyler Posey, who plays Gabriel, thinks the show could best be compared to Friends, but with younger people and more marijuana.

“People going through struggling acting, and writing scripts, and it kind of gives you a glimpse into that world, but it does it in a very beautiful, colorful way. And everyone’s naked!" Tyler says.

The stars of the show at the premiere of the show.
Courtesy: "Now Apocalypse"

Just like her co-stars, Kelli Berglund feels the same way about the show.

"It’s wild, and it’s so unexpected, and I always tell people if you don’t like it, at least you’ve never seen anything like it," Kelli says.

Now Apocalypse is definitely a one-of-a-kind show that tackles very current and entertaining subjects. Check it out NOW on STARZ!

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