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2020 was the year to honor and respect frontline workers. One large group of those hard-working individuals are nurses, who have spent countless hours in the hospitals. NBC is now premiering a new drama centered around these heroes and what their personal lives include.

We connected with the stars of NBC's brand new medical drama Nurses to get a closer look at the series. The show aims to highlight what a nurse can go through during a typical day, and during the era of the coronavirus, a nurse's work is more important than ever.

Star Tiera Skovbye shares with us what fans can expect:

"It really showcases the ins and outs of what a nurse does in their day-to-day care for their patients. But it also shows how these five young nurses navigate their personal lives and their career and their friendships and their relationships."

Jordan Johnson-Hinds tells us about how the show is a celebration of nurses:

"We've seen tons of shows about the doctors and the residents and all those things, and it's finally the nurse's turn to get the recognition they deserve."

Catch the premiere of Nurses tonight on NBC.

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